Artist Reception for Gracie Victorica

On February 26th, 2019 Access Framingham hosted an Artist Reception for Framingham Artist Guild member, Gracie Victorica.

Gracie Victorica, a member of The Framingham Artists' Guild was our featured local artist for the month of January and February. Gracie was born in Argentina in 1941. She lived in Buenos Aires with her husband and five children. In 1997, Gracie moved to Texas, and soon after she decided to become a proud U.S. citizen. Gracie retired in Framingham in 2014. It wasn't until retirement that she developed an interest for painting. Her late daughter Susy was a great artist and mentor for her through her artistic career. Gracie has been painting for only 4 year, and she calls herself "aficionada". She developed a deep love for painting. She prefers working in acrylics and, although she has tried painting many different subjects, the ones that fill her with joy are flowers, houses, and boats.


If you are interested in Gracie's work, you can contact her at

Gracie V
Gracie V
Gracie Victoria
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